Bonnie is a Canadian artist, born in Vancouver B.C. and now residing on Vancouver Island. She is a graduate of the University of B.C. and the contemporary arts program of the Vancouver Island School of Art in Victoria B.C. Her further training includes intensive workshops with well-known Canadian and American artists. She is an award winning, active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. Her works hang in private collections in Canada, Europe, and the U.S.A.

Bonnie's work straddles the genres of realism and abstract expressionism.  It is influenced and informed by her background as a musician in combination with the natural beauty of the west coast landscape.

About her abstract work, she states :

"Using music as an inspirational reference I interpret the various sounds, textures, rhythms and patterns that flow from an innate visual language. My work combines these elements into compositions where colour, shape, and line are the primary subjects of interest. My process is exploratory and contemplative. Each new mark on the canvas requires a response to the one that came before. What begins randomly becomes deliberate. My work is about combining the illusive qualities of the visual with the audio experience."